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Recorded live, engineered and mixed by Ted Moody at La Maison Bleue, Strasbourg, FR in 2015.
Mastering by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio, East Palo Alto, USA.
Artwork by Clement Toneatti SAMAJESTEDESMOUCHES - contact / clemsmdm[at]


released January 20, 2017




CanISay? Records Nantes, France

We are a DIY french punk, hardcore and whatever label and distro.

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Track Name: Traditions
knives in my flesh,
they’re playing with my corpse
there is no fucking way to escape
tortured and killed
by these fucking traditions
tubings on my throat to stuck me hard
there is no fucking way to escape
tortured and killed
by these fucking traditions
Track Name: Theft is rightful
i work so hard to get shitty money
i need to pay my bill and clothes to wear
i see them with their new expensive cars
and they want to me with so high prices
i want to fight back this stupid attitude
and i’m proud to be the evil in your society
i’d rather be a thief than a fucking master
i’d rather be a thief than to be arrested
theft is rightful
don’t leave out that, they were wrong
theft is rightful
i don’t wann die, don’t wanna die
by the their choices
theft, theft, theft is rightful
Track Name: Schlass
it’s frightful to come back at home
and find a silly letter
who said he’s sad about what happened
and he wants more than friendship
but he’s not angry against me, what a glee
and if i’ll change my mind
i can come back to him
i feel not guilty to not to be attracted by him
and i still don’t want to show him my breasts
even if i show it to everybody, what he said
and for sure i still don’t want to have sex with him
Track Name: Justice blood
shame on you, you’re gross ?
shame on you
you’ll hear it all your life
girls often have period stains
they were wrong to blame you
let’s see a cool fact together
boys can bleed of their pants too
your comments can ruin everything
and destroy an entire life
something normally doesn’t matter,
it’s a fact of life
let’s flow the justice blood