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released July 24, 2014




CanISay? Records Nantes, France

We are a DIY french punk, hardcore and whatever label and distro.

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Track Name: Clenched fists, black hearts
Silence, can be freaking loud
You look the other way, and pretend to be fine
I didn't passed the first quarter, how can I succeed the year ?
I can't not go any further, I'm not on a mission, not a piece of raw meat
No promise, but we looked like a counterfeit
I still don't get it was I wrong from the start ?
I'm not holding a grudge, and I don't want you to comply
A black heart printed on the skin, I'm falling another time
But I'm not looking for more explanations
Track Name: Every sinner has a future
I don't get it for sure
Hell yeah I can't afford that
This power in your hand, is worthless, I hope this will not last
No stained glass
You wanna eat my guts and invite me for a baptism
Please swallow your own hate, rip your knees for the almighty
No stained glass
Ho, is this what you really want ? a redemption, your so call morality ?
So don't pray for me. no, NO !
Track Name: N.I.M.B.Y.
One world, but no struggle
You don't even identify the plague that gnaws them
I can't fucking stand it, but you don't know it
I'm singing the absurd
With faceless victims, no one is guilty
With no future, and a stolen past
Fertile lands fed by the blood of its own children
I can't fucking stand it, but you don't know it
I'm singing the absurd
With faceless victims, we can't call it a warcrime.
No way !
Track Name: Charlotte Hornets
I felt so betrayed back in 2002
Someone took away everything that I knew
So thank you MJ, you're the one we can count on
You've never deceived me
We all stand for 23
So welcome back hugo
Welcome back hugo
North carolina is where he really belongs
Who needs a bobcat, it sounded fucking wrong
So bring back Alonzo, Tyron and Larry Johnson
Let's play in the hive again, destroy them one by one
So welcome back hugo
Welcome back hugo
We're going to fuck them all
Standing on the wings of the hornet
Track Name: What would Ian MacKaye do?
Overwhelm by the idots I don't care to be sure,
Attacked by a wave of words I'm not sure to endure.
Fade away !
But you're just the same jerk as everyone else.
Blaming on the lazy, on the assisted
If this how punk rock is going to be
I rather be enlisted
Fade away
Today !
Track Name: Anyhow responsible
Somehow all you certainties will be the pledge of your servitude
Your mouth wide open, swallowing the obvious
Get I get the time… Get the time... Holy shit !
Get the time to explain to you what I could and could not do
All my doubt and fear stands in a ballet
How can I’ll be clear in my head when there’s a doubt at the polling station?
Gradually I began to understand, what’s in their mind and what’s they are about to say
Track Name: I spit on your parade
What the fuck are you fighting for?
Can’t you see we’re not in 34
Get out of my way!
I wanna spit, on your face,
You’re such a disgrace for the human race.
Track Name: K.K.K.D.S.
Hey big boy, what about her boots in your chest ?
We know you mosh hardcore, now get away of our place,
We hate your attitude, would you please give us some space ?!
We can't stand the way you act, no no no !
Sorry if I alienate you, but your whole fucking attitude alienates all of us
We can't stand your shit, so stop being such a prick !
No no no no more !
I don't wanna be the victim of your hate
I don't wanna hear of you manhood
I don't care about the violence in your head
Your anger is so misdirected
I don't care about your macho bullshit
Deal with your hate or get away
We don't want you around